Weather Forecasts for WSW Day 4

The following forecasts were made by students taking part in What’s the Weather workshops at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory on October 9, 2014

Each group was asked to predict the weather for Ireland and one other county (either Spain or Germany) from a mixture of Meteosat Images and weather data. Live information from the weather station at BCO was included.

Here are a selection of the forecasts:

  1. In ireland it is going to rain. In spain is not going to rain
  2. Well folks its looking like a low pressure system over Ireland tomorrow , so if you have plans for banter I suggest to cancel them. it may be a bit of a stormy evening from approx 5pm onwards, so light that fire and throw on home and away. Rumour has it that in Spain they’ll be getting a scorcher so whip out the sunblock and the shades and chill for the day.

Some students produced weather maps with screen shots of the Meteosat Data:

The full predictions from Group 1 (Carrignafoy Community School) are here: Forecast09.10.141

and from Group 2 (Boherbue Community School) here: Forecast09.10.14-2