What’s the Weather?

Finding Weather Images

  • Today’s satellite images are at  Interactive Meteosat.
  • Full disk images can be seen at the Real time Images section of the EUMETSAT site. To view Europe use the 0 degree satellite. The RGB Natural Colour is similar to the RGB from Interactive Meteosat.
  • For a closer look at just Ireland, use these links from MET ÉIREANN. Ireland Visible
    This visible satellite image measures the sunlight reflected by the Earth’s surface and clouds. Clouds and snow reflect a lot of light and are bright; the oceans absorb almost all incoming light and are dark; thin or low clouds and land are varying shades of grey. The Earth is scanned every 15 minutes by the METEOSAT-8 geostationary satellite which is located over the Equator at 0 degrees W.
  • Ireland Infra-red (This infra-red satellite image measures the temperature or radiance of the ground and clouds. Light shades represent low temperatures and dark shades high temperatures.)
  • Temperature data can be found at Weather Observations Website .
  • A surface chart showing pressure and weather fronts for Europe is available here.

A Year of Weather

A whole year of weather can be seen on this youtube video.

Workshop Outline:

  1.  Interactive Meteosat
  2.  RGB Natural Colour
  3. Temperature Data from WOW and ECMWF
  4. Weather Map for comparison 

    This workshop was offered during World Space Week 2014 only.