Weather Forecasts from WSW Day 1

The following forecasts were made by students taking part in What’s the Weather workshops at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory on October 6, 2014

Each group was asked to predict the weather for Ireland and one other county (either France or Germany) from a mixture of Meteosat Images and weather data. Live information from the weather station at BCO was included.

Here are a selection of the forecasts:

“Weather in Ireland will be good with a chance of rain. The temperature will be about 13C. France will have temperatures of roughly 18C also with a chance of rain.”

“Salutations! The following message regards the weather forecast of the consisting countries (Ireland & Germany)  Ireland:-

The forecast for tomorrow in Ireland consists of a mixture of both rainy and dry weather with an average temperature of 8-9 degrees Celsius.


The forecast for tomorrow in Germany consists of abrupt weather with stormy showers. Extremely rare dry sun spells, with an average temperature of 14-15 degrees Celcius.”

“Tomorrows weather in Ireland and Germany will be the same as today. 8-10 degrees in Ireland and  12-20 degrees in Germany with no rainfall in Germany and Ireland.”

Some students included weather maps:

All of Group 1 are here Forecasts1,

Group 2 are here Forecasts2

Group 3 are here Forecasts3

Check in tomorrow to see who was right!