TARA Workshops

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Astronomy has an almost unique role in science education. Inspiring ideas with astronomy include

  •  the general laws of physics, such as gravity or nuclear fusion.
  • the history of science and technology
  • a celebration of the beauty of the Universe
  • our understanding of our own origins

With a small telescope, there is great scope for science. We can carry out the same observations of the moons of Jupiter as Galileo! We can ask what is “up there” and get real pictures of the wonders of space. With experience we can measure the changes in starlight from variable stars, work out the rotation of asteroids (by taking pictures of them as fast as possible for as long as possible).

In all our projects we value the input of teachers. We welcome teachers who would like to collaborate with us to build exciting activities that capture a student’s imagination.

Who is it for?

We offer TARA workshops for both upper Primary Students (5th and 6th class) AND second level students.

Primary students will use Stellarium to find out about the night sky. We will explore lenses and discover how to arrange lenses to make a telescope. In the TARA control room we will see the telescope in California moving to take the pictures that we choose!

Second level students will  plan their observing session with the TARA telescope, use the telescope to acquire images and process and analyse their own pictures.

Please note that observing is weather dependent. We monitor the weather live but the telescope can be clouded out. In the case of poor weather we will plan an observing session and carry it out when weather permits. Images will be sent on to schools when acquired.

Workshop Information

Duration: 2 hours (can include a short break), must start by 11:00 am

Maximum capacity: 30 students

Cost per student: €5