STARSTUFF – Lectures for Junior Cycle Science Teachers

StarStuff – A Lecture Series at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory   


“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”Carl Sagan


StarStuff is a series of talks exploring the fundamentals of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology hosted by CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory’s Dr Niall Smith and Frances McCarthy.  

These talks are designed for those teaching the Earth and Space strand in Junior Cycle Science and to feed our curiosity about the Universe, our own solar system and our place in it.   

2019 Lectures:   

“Our Universe – What we know”

 Dr Niall Smith introduces us to thinking about the size, scale, and origins of our Universe. This talk gives an overview and refresh to support Learning Outcome 1 and 2 of the Earth and Space Strand. This talk was originally presented at the October 6, 2018 Earth and Space in the Junior Cycle Conference.
Powerpoint presentation used on the night available here: Birr Presentation v2


“Hello Moon”

On the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission that landed humans on the Moon, Frances McCarthy brings us on a journey of the Lunar orbit exploring phases, eclipses, and the wonderful dance of the Sun, Moon, and Earth.
Powerpoint presentation used on the night available here: The Moon (14Mb file)


Celebrating Yuri’s Night

Dr Niall Smith takes the anniversary of the first human orbit of Earth as a starting point to discuss humanity’s relationship with space exploration. What have we learned since Yuri Gagarin made that first orbit on April 12, 1961, and where will current technology and research take us?
Powerpoint presentation used on the night available here: Yuris Night 2019  (13Mb file)

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