Second Level School Tour Activities

Second level students can explore science with a variety of workshops at the Observatory. Workshops are usually combined with an exhibit visit as part of a Supernova Visit at a cost of €9 per student, two classes at a time for 3 hour duration.


Students will use models to explain features of the Moon, including the size of the Moon compared to the Earth, craters and lunar phases.  If the Earth were the size of your head, what would be the same size as the Moon and how far away would it be? The answer may surprise you! Suited to Junior Cycle Students.  MoonJuniorCycle

ExoWorlds *New for 2019*

Students will compare different extra-solar systems to our solar system in terms of scale and size and learn how scientists hunt for exoplanets. Students will consider the factors that determine the habitable zone around a star and model the transit method of detecting exoworlds. ExoWorldJuniorCycle

Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs combines two activities. Students will earn “money” by making and launching simple paper rockets. This “money” will be used to purchase materials for an egg-stranaut landing craft. In small teams, students will design, make and then test their landers by dropping them from the low roof of the Observatory. This fun (yet educational) workshop is suited to all ages of second level students, particularly TY students.  UpsandDownsSecondary

Cost: €9 per student
Duration:3 hours
Capacity: Up to 25 students per class, 2 classses at a time

To book a tour, please call 021-432-6120 or email