Latest Space News

Einstein’s Theory Holds True in Stellar Test

  A recent study of a neutron star collision 130 million light years away has revealed that gravity is likely to be restricted to the 4 dimensions in our universe (x,y,z and Time).

Science in Society – Is there a Planet B?

Thinking about Science in Society Investigations – Exploring hazards and benefits of space exploration. We hear a lot these days about humans ‘colonizing’ Mars.

Bepi-Colombo and Mercury Background

ESA’s latest mission is now en-route to Mercury. Bepi-Colombo is made up of three missions to explore tiny Mercury in the unforgiving environment very near the Sun.

Design your own Space Station!

Have you ever seen the International Space Station? Start collecting items like foil, drink containers, cardboard tubes and straws or skewers to make your very own model.