Moments of Discovery

A superb combination of history and science has been published by the American Institute of Physics.

  • Discovery of Fission
  • A Pulsar Discovery
  • Superconductivity

Featuring interviews with the actual working scientists, each segment isn’t

“… a physics lesson; you should not expect to learn all about the physics […]. What you can expect is a better understanding of how science is done. This exhibit gives a glimpse into the scientific process, the lives of some renowned individuals involved in that process, and their role in solving a particular problem. As you listen and read, you will hear them describe themselves—their frustrations, their successes, their prejudices, their world view. They tell of how they related to science as human beings.”

It includes Teachers’ Guides, with a range of activities, appropriate for middle-school or high-school use, plus a series of profiles of young scientists and their work.