Falcon Heavy: One Year Anniversary

It’s been one year since SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy with CEO Elon Musk’s Tesla joining it on an astronomical journey around the Sun and towards Mars.

A day after the launch, we learned that the Falcon Heavy had apparently gone a little further than expected which changed the Roadster’s course to send it sailing past Mars and into the Asteroid Belt. Thankfully, shortly after that, the trajectory was re-checked – so it was not heading towards the asteroid belt, but would continue on a course closer to Mars.

Today, 1 year, 1 day and 17 hours after the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket, the Roadster is (at the time of writing) currently 364,745,036 kilometres away from the Earth, travelling at 7,291 kilometres an hour with respect to the Earth.

Here are two fun facts about the Roadster:

  • The Roadster has exceeded its 58,000 kilometre warranty 13,193 times.
  • If we assume that the battery still works in the Roadster, Starman will have listened to “Space Oddity” 99,661 times.
    Source: Fun Facts
Jordan Crowley