Einstein’s Theory Holds True in Stellar Test


A recent study of a neutron star collision 130 million light years away has revealed that gravity is likely to be restricted to the 4 dimensions in our universe (x,y,z and Time). Using LIGO, comparing the light and gravity waves from the collision, scientists showed that neither lost any energy beyond the 4 dimensions which means that all the gravity waves remain within our 4 dimensions.

This was also predicted by Einstein and shows that Einstein’s theory of general relativity is still valid today, a theory which is used across the world every day by scientists, engineers and anyone who uses a mobile phone or the internet.

From GPS to radio wave propagation (important to mobile phone-masts) to fibre optic communications (the powerhouse behind the internet). Many technologies use the fundamentals of general relativity to make things happen!



Image credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/CI Lab