Primary Science Hands-on Workshops

MTU Blackrock Castle Observatory is an accredited Discover Centre with the Discover Primary Science & Maths Programme.  Primary level workshops last 1 hour 15 min hours and can be combined with a visit to Cosmos at the Castle as part of the “Supernova Tour.”

Available Workshops

Light Pollution

How much of the night sky can we actually see? How is light pollution reducing our view of the sky? And how can we reduce the effects of light pollution? Using the computer programme ‘Stellarium,’ children will explore the view of the night sky with different levels of light pollution. Children will make models of constellations and design and make light shields for model street lights. Suitable for 3rd class and up. Light Pollution

Electric Circuits

An introduction to electronics and electric circuits. Classroom kits with plug-and-play components will be used, with no tools or soldering required. Students will use electronics to control light and motors, create alarms and solve real world situations. Suitable for 4th class and up. ElectricityPrimary2019

Mars Mysteries

Exploring the planet Mars, this workshop looks at how it is like the Earth and how it is very different. Make your own Martian craters and river channels. Suitable for 3rd class and up. MarsMysteriesPrimary

Racing Rockets

Get ready to blast off with the science of rockets. Design and make rubber band powered foam and puff-powered paper rockets – can you beat the 7.35 m record for an indoor paper rocket? Suitable for 2nd class and up (great for 5th and 6th class!). RacingRockets

Alien Life

A cross-curricular activity on the theme of aliens.  Students will use language, mathematical and science ‘design and make’ skills in activities that use the theme of imaginary aliens. What might an alien look like? Where might it live? How would we know it is alive? Suitable for 1st class and up. AlienLife

Move It!

Students will explore how to make things move without touching them! Hands on activities with magnetic materials, a toy rocket launcher and marble runs will enable students to solve problems and work together. Suitable for Junior Classes, including Infants. MoveIt JuniorPrimary


Information & Booking

  • Maximum group size: 2 classes, classes will swap activities mid-way through the visit.
  • Cost: €9 per student
  • Duration of entire visit: 3 hours

To book a supernova tour, please call 021-432-6120 or email