Discover Primary Science & Maths

CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory is an accredited Discover Centre with the Discover Primary Science & Maths Programme.  Primary level workshops last 2 to 2.5 hours and most are suitable for 3rd class and up.

Available Workshops

TARA Telescope Workshop

The Tara Telescope is LIVE. Control a telescope in real time and capture the wonders of the sky above San Francisco. Explore the world of optics, lenses and mirrors and then take command of a real telescope, live. Suitable for 5th/6th class, max group size of 30.

Mars Mysteries

Exploring the planet Mars, this workshop looks at how it is like the Earth and how it is very different. Make your own Martian craters and river channels.

Comets at the Castle

This workshop explores the science behind the icy remnants of the early solar system. Make your own comet to take away!

Racing Rockets

Get ready to blast off with the science of rockets. Design and make paper rockets – can you beat the 7.35 m record for an indoor paper rocket? Witness our high powered air rockets as we aim for the Castle from the front gate.

Alien Slime

A fun science workshop that investigates alien life. Make the slime and the aliens that would live in it!  NOTE: this light-hearted workshop lasts 1 hour and costs €4.50 if taken with an exhibit visit.

Information & Booking

  • Maximum group size: 30 students
  • Cost: €5 per student

To book workshops, please call 021-432-6120 or email