Apollo 50 CPD Program for Primary Teachers 2019

Apollo 50 CPD Program

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing with an entire year of Moon-themed CPD courses. Throughout the year, our STEM Week CPD courses will take on a Lunar twist. This thematic approach will provide participants with a narrative driven framework by which they can satisfy a wide range of Learning Outcomes, while still ensuring the most engaging possible experience for students.

You can book a place on any individual course, or sign up for all three today!


Engineers Week CPD – Engineering The Moon

12th – 16th February 2019

We explore the Engineering Challenges that humans face on the surface of our nearest neighbour.  If humans are ever to colonise the Moon, they will have to build Geo-Domes, travel by Moon Buggy, and design Space Suits that will protect them from the harsh environment. DPSM ESERO Engineers Week CPD

  • Design and Make a Geo-Dome using the Amazing Triangles resource.
  • Design and Make a Moon Buggy, and learn about Forces in the process.
  • Learn about materials and their properties by using household items to mimic essential materials and Design a Space Suit.

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Space Week CPD – Back to the Moon

11th – 21st September 2019

Our Space Week CPD will ask the question, “What would it take to visit the moon again, and maybe even live there”? Your students will train to be the first Irish crew to visit the Moon and stay for an extended visit. This cross-curricular learning experience will get them to train like astronauts, before going on to ask important questions about what they would bring with them to the Moon, and how life there would be different to Earth.

  • Design a Mission Patch, and Keep a Daily Diary documenting life on the Moon
  • Have a Space Picnic and Explore how our Senses are Interconnected. Will food taste the same in Space?
  • What food would be suitable for growing in space or on the Moon?
  • Each Astronaut can only bring a small box of items with them to the Moon. Explore the concept of volume by tackling these limitations.

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Science Week CPD – Moons, Moons, Moons!

16th to 26th October

Explore the science of our nearest celestial neighbour, The Moon, and learn about the other moons we know about!

How old is it? How did it form? Why do we only see one side? What made the craters?

Through a series of we will address all these questions and more

  • Make your own Meteorites, and use them to make impact craters
  • How does the Moon differ from Earth? We look at Weather, Gravity, Earth and Space
  • We’ll learn how the Moon is valued by different cultures.

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These free, 2-hour courses will show participants how to use inquiry based learning techniques to promote children’s learning and understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Participants will also explore activities that support the theme of each STEM Week. These have been developed from ESERO and Discovery Primary Science & Maths resources.

These courses are being offered with the support of Science Foundation Ireland and ESERO Ireland (European Space Education Resource Office).

Tea and coffee will be served at the start of each session.

Note: All sessions require a minimum of 10 participants to run

For further details of the course content, please contact Frances McCarthy of CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory by email: frances.mccarthy@bco.ie