Bepi-Colombo and Mercury Background

ESA’s latest mission is now en-route to Mercury. Bepi-Colombo is made up of three missions to explore tiny Mercury in the unforgiving environment very near the Sun. Follow Bepi on social media: @ESA_Bepi

These videos describe the planet and the mission:

The Epic Adventures of Bepi-Colombo (cartoon style for a younger audience)

  • Planet Mercury – (Background Information video suitable for teachers)
  • National Geographic video suitable for teachers and older primary students:
  • PBS: Crash Course Astronomy (General Info good for students of all ages):
  • Smile and Learn Channel You-tube – Mercury, The Sun’s Neighbor (Cartoon good for younger student)
    NASA’s Messenger spacecraft studied Mercury between 2011 and 2015. Many education activities suitable for both primary and second level students can be found here.